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The infrastructure and construction industry is built upon a framework of standards that are applied globally, regionally and nationally. By adopting the data dictionary Define, that is developed in line with all relevant standards for data management published by CEN and ISO, your organisation will be able to:

  • Digitise the content of standards related to the performance of built assets, products, and systems
  • Ensure wider distribution of standards in a digital format
  • Improve the knowledge and application of standards across the construction industry

In the past year, the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries, CEI-Bois, has developed a common data dictionary and common data templates to enable manufacturers to digitise their product data and make it available in a machine-readable and standardised format.

Being involved in the standardisation work at CEN to develop standards for the woodworking industry, CEI-Bois based their digitalisation efforts on the product and test standards created by the following technical committees at CEN:

  • TC 112:
    • EN 13986 – Wood-based panels for use in construction – Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking
  • TC 175:
    • EN 14915 – Solid wood panelling and cladding – Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking and
    • EN 14342 – Wood flooring and parquet – Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking
  • TC 124:
    • EN 14080 – Timber structures – Glued laminated timber and glued solid timber – Requirements
    • EN14374 – Timber structures – Structural laminated veneer lumber Requirements
    • EN 14081-1 – Timber structures – Strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section – Part 1: General requirements
    • EN 15497 – Structural finger jointed solid timber – Performance requirements and minimum production requirements

Thanks to CEI-Bois’ digitalisation efforts these standards are now available to all European construction actors in a digital format, as Data Templates, that can be downloaded from a designated page on the CEI-Bois website.

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