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Through the Define data dictionary and data templates you can achieve:​

Improved information exchange and collaboration within the organisation and with external stakeholders​

Operational synergies &
Automation of processes​

Streamlined processes across the entire organisation​

Good information
management and reuse of knowledge​

Compliance with
regulatory requirements and organisational goals

Available through API and cloud access

Define helps you create your own Data Templates. As an additional service, you can also take advantage of the relevant information from 2.5 K Data Templates and 24 K properties that we have already created in the system. Further content created in Define (Units, Measures, Groups of properties, Construction objects) can also be made available on your account so you can save time by not having to start from scratch.

2.5K Data Templates and 24K properties
that we have already created in the system

The Data template structure is a set of building blocks that are connected to each other with different relationships. These building blocks are called ‘concepts’ in Define. By connecting the different concepts into a data template structure, we set a specific logic that is further interpreted by any software.