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Participants in the workgroups are industry actors that share a genuine belief in a common digital language and want to be a part of moving the industry into the future with standards-based data templates and shared contexts.

The Define workgroups will discuss and agree on content for data dictionaries as well as help new users by sharing knowledge and assisting them in onboarding to Define and the development of the global common digital language.

As a participant in the workgroups, you can ensure that your input will be considered and reflected in the development of the Define tool to the best interest of the construction industry. All users of Define will have the opportunity to take part in one or more workgroups.

European data dictionary

  • Timber and wood – The workgroup is organized by CEI-Bois, The European Woodworking Industry Confederation, and consists of representatives from different national organizations of wood manufacturers across Europe.
  • Concrete – The workgroup comprises members of the French Concrete Industry Association CERIB as well as Norwegian, Swedish and French concrete manufacturers.

Timber and wood


Norwegian data dictionary

The workgroup includes representatives from various organizations across the national construction supply chain, including Veidekke, NCC, Skanska, as well as academics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU.

Swedish data dictionary

  • Concrete – The workgroup includes representatives from major Swedish concrete manufacturers as well as the Swedish concrete industry association Svensk Betong.
  • Windows and doors – The workgroup comprises members from TMF, The Swedish industry association of the wood and furniture companies as well as representatives from major Swedish door and window manufacturers.


Windows and doors

UK data dictionary

The workgroup includes major actors from across the construction supply chain as well as representatives from BSI (British Standards) and the British organization for certification of construction products BBA.

French data dictionary

  • Concrete – The workgroup comprises members of the French concrete industry association CERIB.

Portuguese data dictionary

The workgroup consists of members of the Portuguese initiative GrowingCircle. The goal of the organisation is to set up a digital product catalogue and promote digitalisation among Portuguese construction companies.

Danish data dictionary

The Danish data dictionary is developed and managed by the Danish construction knowledge center Molio. They have organized the work in various workgroups comprising actors from different points of the Danish construction supply chain. Molio has already developed a lot of content that aims to address specific use cases, such as operation and maintenance, identification and classification of construction objects, information exchange during the design stage, etc.