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Measuring the environmental performance of built assets through improved data management in the construction industry

The purpose of this educational webinar is to provide forward-thinking construction actors with valuable insights about the parallel between sustainability and better information management in the construction industry.

Special Guest: Anne Rønning, Senior Research Scientist at NORSUS

In this session you will learn:

  • Why structured, reliable and verifiable environmental information about construction products is of key importance for measuring and monitoring the environmental performance of built assets.
  • The methodology behind creating and implementing a common machine and human-readable digital language that enables construction actors to capture and share environmental data.
  • About the new international standard EN ISO 22057 for the use of environmental data in Building Information Modelling, published in 2022.

In addition, we will review the current status quo, the challenges that arise from the lack of interconnectivity across the value chain and find out why data standardisation is paramount. We will showcase practical examples of how environmental data could be structured and incorporated in BIM models and explain the benefits of having a holistic approach towards data management. Last but not least, we will talk about recent sustainability strategies and governmental policies and the future of environmental data management in the construction industry.

Register today and be part of the global construction industry change towards more sustainable and digitalised future!

Watch a recording of the webinar

Our Speakers

Anne Rønning
Anne RønningSenior Research Scientist, NORSUS
Antony Brophy
Antony BrophyDirector Business Development, Cobuilder UK
Rumela Atanasova
Rumela AtanasovaSr. Digital Construction Researcher, Cobuilder
Svetla Shtereva
Svetla ShterevaDigital Marketing Expert & Moderator