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Leap day webinar: Leaping into action with data templates in construction for a circular economy


  • What are data templates and Define, and their use in construction
  • The life cycle of a construction project
  • Achieving circular economy in construction by using data templates – Renovation wave case study

About the webinar

We will explore the many benefits of data templates and their use in the construction industry. We will also break down the complexity of a construction project and see how we can streamline the digital processes while improving interoperability using data dictionaries such as Define. At the end of the webinar you will see one of the latest examples from the Renovation wave case studies which proves how using data templates benefits the circular economy in construction.

What is Define?

Define is a data dictionary that enables users to author, manage, and share Data Templates.

Define Data Dictionary is a solution for the construction industry managed by the industry itself. A management board comprising various construction industry actors is responsible for all decisions concerning the development of the tool. Cobuilder is the operator who integrates the technical requirements and the international standards responsible for working with data.

What are data templates?

For its user, a data template is a common data structure describing the characteristics (called ‘properties’) of a construction object, and its physical qualities and performance, according to a credible source of information – be it a standard or a regulation. On the other hand, for any software, the data template structure is a set of concepts that are connected to each other with different relationships. By establishing these connections between concepts through unique pieces of code, a specific logic for machines is set. This allows us to create a common technological language, which helps any software convey meaning consistently regardless of the language used in a particular country.

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Our Speakers

Pedro Mêda
Pedro MêdaCivil Engineer, Researcher at IC - Construction Institute, Porto University
Enzo Blonk
Enzo BlonkHead of Market Europe, Cobuilder