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Here are some of the main benefits that Associations and Government bodies can achieve by implementing a standard-based data dictionary, such as Define:

  • Develop national and industry contexts – a common digital language, which is central to implementing digital transformation strategies and can be shared with your members and users across the industry.
  • Provide guidelines to members, industries, users on how to structure, capture and exchange data
  • Implement a strict format for information provision to improve / automate the processing of legal documents or certification
  • Facilitate the implementation of environmental strategies by enabling better informed decisions based on accurate, trusted data

Case studies

Learn how different organisations are implementing Define

Christina Hvid,
CEO of Molio

Implementing a common digital language in the Danish construction industry

Hansueli Schmid,
Project Manager

A common digital trategy for the European woodworking industry

Christian Tock,
Deputy Director at Ministry of the Economy

The Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg and +ImpaKT enable access to circularity data for the built asset industry

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