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What is Define

The software for authoring, managing and sharing Data Templates within a common data dictionary framework

In order to break away from poor information management practices, data silos and analogue processes, the infrastructure and construction industries need robust data strategies based on the standards already available today. All market actors need support in standardising their data management practices and defining what data they need to exchange in order to meet the increasing demand for data throughout the value chain.

Define is a data dictionary that enables users to author, manage, and share Data Templates.

Define Data Dictionary is a solution for the construction industry managed by the industry itself. A management board comprising various construction industry actors is responsible for all decisions concerning the development of the tool. Cobuilder is the operator who integrates the technical requirements and the international standards responsible for working with data.

The common use of a data dictionary enables the industry to create and implement a common digital language allowing all construction actors to describe construction objects in the same way. A digital language also means a machine-readable language that provides interoperability between systems and solutions. Furthermore, standardised data is key to enable the exchange of trusted, high-quality information, improving collaboration, project management and client relations.

Data Templates are used to communicate quality information about building elements, materials, products, systems etc. through digital means across the entire value chain.