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Release notes

Find out what is new in Define. Learn about the newest functionalities and the latest releases.

August 2022

Improve UX/UI

Changes in side navigation

  • “Construction objects”, “Units”, “Measures”, “Values” and “Documents” are grouped under one main menu “Core content”
  • “Authority”, “Domain”, “Public view” and “Sharing” are now grouped under one main menu “Admin content”

Progress bar for creating all types of concepts with list of steps

New options in Help center

Glossary, FAQs, Support ticketing are now available under the Help center menu

New interface languages

Define user interface is now available in 2 additional languages Danish and Czech

New filtering options for Templates list

Filtering by classification, classification code, purpose, or milestone is now possible

Introduce data auditor role and status enhancements

‘Pending audit’ status is hidden in filters where not applicable

Comments enhancements

All users in a context are now allowed to comment on concepts in active statuses to enable collaboration

National contexts

Data model is extended with new relationship type to allow linking properties from national and EU context

New Public view Customization and Implementation Settings

Added a setting to integrate the public page with default language different than English
The developers have the option to integrate the public view with different default language than English by passing a parameter in the URL

  • Default is English

Example: https://platform.cobuilder.com/define/public/08C6Lla2TAVRcCxdZxM49Y/template-list?lang=en

  • List with supported language codes (case-sensitive):

en, nb-NO, de-DE, es-ES, fr-FR, it-IT, cs-CZ, da-DK
Note: If the language code is wrong, it will reload the page in the default English language.

Added a setting to integrate the page without navigation bar
Integration of the public view could be implemented with shown or hidden navigation bar.
Hiding the navigation bar has the following benefits: removed white space, removed Login option, removed language settings. This can be used in cases where the solution needs to be in one language and without access to registration/login.

Implementation Guide:
In order to hide the navigation bar our users should use the “showNavbar” query parameter with the relevant value and is added before the language parameter:

NOTE: the Admin setting that controls whether the company logo is displayed or not is not altered.

Public View Enhancements

  • New URL (page address) for the public page
    The Public Page is located on a new page address. Old Page addresses will still work and redirect to the new page address.

    • Old address: https://app3.cobuilder.com/public/{ID}
    • New address: https://platform.cobuilder.com/define/public/{ID}
  • Fix the filtered Classification Codes displayed in the Public page
    The Data Templates page has enhanced filter by Classification as it now filters out and displays only the Classification Codes of the selected Classification.

The image below shows the results after Classification ‘revit categories’ is selected:

  • Removed ‘Domain’ column in Data Templates page
    The ‘Domain’ column is removed. It previously showed the domain of a Data Template (I.e. Technical, Architecture, Electrical, Structural).



July 2022

Model Milestones and Purposes in Define
Users can now link properties to milestones and purposes in the context of a data template, so they can state that these properties are applicable for the selected milestone/purpose

Introduce Data auditor role and new statuses
Users with data auditor role can now see audit requests in the side navigation list and review the content of contexts subject to data audit

Users can now add comments directly to concepts

Users can see latest comments on the dashboard

May 2022

Define user interface is now available in 4 additional languages – ES, DE, FR, IT

April 2022

Mapping to non-dictionary structures is now available in Define

July 2021

Introduce Property tag concept
Configure dеfault countries and languages

April 2021

Move classifications from Construction objects level to Template level
Restrict changing documents of approved properties

March 2021

Remove taxonomies and composition models
Remove deprecated integration with Bsdd

Feb 2021

Allow bulk actions to remove and update concepts with approve shared status

Jan 2021

Improve data consistency and prevent data loss by automatically deciding minor or major version based on changes made


Copy content

All data that can be reused is easily copied and transferred between concepts;

RELEASED in June 2020

Compare concepts

Users can easily compare any concept with previous versions or with other concepts. The system highlights the differences;

RELEASED in May 2020


By selecting a language, users can view all concepts in the preferred language when translations are available;

RELEASED in January 2020

Public view enhancements

  • Excel export of a template
    Stakeholders visiting the public view can export any data template in Excel format;
  • Whitelabel options
    Organisations can share their data templates with their stakeholders through a branded public webpage;
  • Multilanguage support
    The public webpage supports different languages. Data templates appear in the language selected by the stakeholder if translations are available;
  • Tracking of downloaded templates
    Organisations are able to track the stakeholders that have downloaded their data templates and the time of the export;

RELEASED in June 2019

Data templates api

Through our API-service organsations can integrate the data templates created in Define directly into their existing IT infrastructure;

RELEASED in September 2019

Public view

Allows organisations to make their data templates available to their stakeholders on a public webpage;

RELEASED in April 2019

Updated concepts notifications

Users receive notifications about any changes made to concepts and can automatically update the related parent concepts with the newest versions of the children concepts;

RELEASED in MaY 2018

Classification mapping

Users can map Data Templates to existing classifications used by the organisation;

released in January 2018


An effortless way to attach translations to all concepts created within the system;

released in January 2018

Version history

Users can check all activity related to a created concept;