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Here are some of the main benefits that you as a manufacturer can gain by implementing a standard-based data dictionary as part of your existing IT infrastructure:

  • Develop and implement standardised data templates to structure your data in a way that ensures machine-readability and interoperability
  • Adopt a centralised data management strategy and automate time-consuming tasks, such as data entry, converting data into different formats, tracking and transferring data, etc.
  • Ensure data quality and compliance with industry standards
  • Turn your data into your competitive advantage – deliver high-quality, standardised data that your clients can use in any system or BIM tool
  • Get your products ready for the digital marketplace

Case studies

Learn how different organisations are implementing Define

Knut Jøssang,
Manager Digital Built Environment at Pipelife Norway

Pipelife Norway implements data templates to digitise their product data

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