Harald Hesselroth

CEO of Standard Online

“In the Standards Norway group, we are committed to ensuring that the content of the standards is known and used by as many people as possible. This is why, the agreement with Cobuilder, and hopefully other software vendors in the future, is a great opportunity to make the content of standards available to a wider audience.” – Harald Hesselroth, CEO of Standard Online

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Standard Online facilitates the digitisation of standards for the built asset industry

Standard Online will provide the content of standards as machine-readable data templates in the data dictionary Define.

Standard Online is the organisation in charge of distribution and sales of standards as part of the Norwegian standardisation body Standards Norway.


As the built asset industry is taking major steps towards digitalisation, automation and better information sharing, Standard Online identified the need to facilitate these processes by making the content of standards related to the performance of built assets, products and systems available to the industry in a digital format.


In the context of these wider industry trends, one of the challenges that Standard Online is facing is   regulating the use of standards within existing copyright provisions. This is important because all royalties from sales are used to develop new standards and improve existing ones.


To enable wider availability and application of standards, Standard Online decided to facilitate the digitalisation of standards about products, systems and built assets within the data dictionary Define. The solution is developed in line with all relevant standards for data management, thus ensuring data quality and interoperability.

  • 1. Standard Online entered into agreement with the Norwegian software provider Cobuilder who develops and maintains the industry data dictionary Define.
  • 2. Cobuilder gained access to all relevant Norwegian standards that describe the performance of construction objects. Based on these standards, Cobuilder will develop properties and data templates enabling industry actors to share trusted and reliable construction object data.

Expected results

By enabling the digitalisation of standards, Standard Online ensures their availability to a wider audience – from industry actors to software providers who can integrate the standardised content available in the data dictionary Define within their own digital solutions. This facilitates the digital transformation of the construction sector. It also helps actors to ensure compliance with industry standards resulting in improved quality, reduced errors and increased efficiency. Through this agreement, Standard Online was also able to establish a way of regulating the use of standards within third-party digital solutions.