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Template Export

Exports of templates can be created in Define. To download it, go to the Templates tab.

Select the desired template. You can click on the second icon in the upper right corner Export in Excel.

A new tab will pop up asking for the language of the export. When you have picked it, select Export.

Once the file is downloaded, you can open it. The first tab Group of properties view has every property added to every group of properties. There is also information on the group of properties references, dependencies, references of properties, measures (called Quantity in the export), units and values. Clicking on the small plus in the upper corner of the column, will open more information like GUIDs, definitions and short names for some concepts.

The second tab Unique properties view has information for each individual property and the groups of properties it’s part of. There is also information on the reference of the property, the measure and unit, with more available after clicking on the plus in the upper corner.

The References and Values tabs have information on the GUIDs, names, short names and definitions of the relevant concepts.