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Bulk actions

To implement updates affecting numerous templates or groups of properties it can be done via the Bulk actions menu in Define. Through it, a group of properties can be added, removed, or updated in many (up to 20) templates and property can be added or removed in many (up to 20) groups of properties.

First select Bulk actions from the menu.

When you go to the Bulk actions, then you should choose Group of properties or Property for type of concept and then search for the relevant concept. After you find it and mark it, you should choose one of the options Add to many, Remove from many, Update in many for Group of properties and Add to many or Remove from many for Property from the buttons on the top right corner.

Afterwards, you will be able to choose the relevant templates where the group can be added, removed, or updated or relevant group of properties where the property can be added or removed. You can select up to 20 templates/group of properties at a time. When you are done, you should click on Add, Remove or Update for group of properties or Add or Remove for property.

A new window will pop up asking if you would like to add, remove, or update the selected group in the selected templates or add and remove the selected property in the selected group of properties. You should choose a domain for the new version. After you are done, you should choose Add, Remove or Update again.

When the action is completed, you should get a Status report. It will let you know how many of the updates were successful or not.

For the newly added groups/properties to be approved, the correct domain expert should log in and go to the Bulk evaluation requests menu.

The newly updated templates or group of properties will be visible and available for bulk evaluation.