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Evaluation of Concepts

Evaluation of concepts can be accessed via the Requests, Single evaluation requests tabs.

You will only see concepts sent to the domain you are part of!

Select the concept you would like to evaluate. When you scroll to the end of the page, you will see options for rejection, returning or approval of the concept.

The required approvals for every concept depend on the Number of required approvals assigned in the Authority. You can see this information in the Authority tab, after selecting an authority.

When you want to Reject a concept, it can’t be edited anymore and can’t be used in other parent concepts. You can still compare or create copies of rejected concepts. Also, you can export a rejected template in Excel. When rejecting a concept, you must write a comment.

If you select Return, the concept can be edited by the creator. Once returned it can only be compared or copied, until the creator sends the concept for approval again. You must also add a comment when returning a concept.

To review comments on concepts, navigate to the Activity tab.

You will be able to see the comment when clicking on the message icon.

When approving concepts, you should select Approve. Comments are not mandatory here. In most cases, the system informs you whether a major or minor version will be created. Sometimes, you will be able to choose if the version should be major or minor.