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Sharing content to other accounts

Define allows you to share your content with other accounts and receive shared content from other accounts.

If you are an Admin user, you can share content with others. To share your content to other Define accounts, you need to have their GUID (Global Unique Identifier). On the other hand, if you wish to receive shared content from other actors, you need to provide your account’s GUID to them.

The GUID of your account is placed under Profile settings.

Here you can see your account’s technical information – the context (account) your user belongs to and its GUID (Global Unique Identifier)

If you wish to share content to other accounts, go to the Sharing option from the menu to the left.

Then click on Share concepts.

Enter the GUID of the account you wish to share your information to and click Enter.

Then click on Add concepts to specify which content you wish to share.

If you wish to share a Data Template, choose Template from the dropdown menu.

Then search for the Data Template/s you wish to share and select them. Click Add.

If you choose to search for another Data Template, you can repeat the search and selection before clicking Add.

Once you are done with the selection of concepts you wish to share, click Share.

NB. Once a concept is shared and approved by the other side, it cannot be unshared.