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The Digital Supply Chain: Data Driven Collaboration

This whitepaper is produced by the Digital Supply Chains in the Built Environment (DSCiBE) workgroup. The initiative brings together major industry experts, such as GS1, buildingSMART, Cobuilder, IBM, etc., who are implementing together standard-based processes for the digital exchange of product data. The ultimate goal – to deliver value to the end-user by creating conditions for seamless and standardised digital workflows. Sustaining a digital supply chain can prove to be a major driver for the digitalisation of the construction industry, bringing numerous advantages not only to the construction actors but to the industry as a whole. Those advantages would spread across the entire built environment, bringing more customer satisfaction and opening the sector to new economic opportunities.

Read this whitepaper to get ahead with the following key learnings:

  • The purpose of DSCiBE workgroup and the value it brings
  • The demand for digitalisation of the supply chain
  • Complexities in the information management
  • The current industry challenges and their solutions
  • Structured data and product data standards
  • Current progress and next steps
  • What the forward-thinkers do
  • Real-business case study

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