The Czech Standardization Agency (ČAS) joins Define steering committee

Published on March 28, 2023

The governing body of Define has been expanded with Jiří Buneš from the Czech Standardization Agency.

Define is an initiative by leading stakeholders in the construction and built asset industry to help establish a common digital language that can be used across the whole construction industry value chain. Define offers a platform for authoring, managing and sharing data templates within a common data dictionary framework.

ČAS has implemented the Define data dictionary to support the digital transformation of the construction sector in the Czech Republic. Now they want to take part in developing the joint initiative further.

Jiří Buneš
Jiří Bunešresponsible for CCI classification at ČAS says

“Construction data and a common digital language are the universal keys to achieving consistency in any national and international construction market, and ultimately an important enabler for creating a better and more sustainable built environment. As a national standardization body, ČAS sees the collaborative efforts being done across national borders through Define as an important step forward. The knowledge shared among different stakeholders will also benefit the Czech construction sector,” Jiří Buneš, responsible for CCI classification at ČAS says.

Structured information for all construction stakeholders

ČAS is well underway in their project of establishing structured information to the national construction industry. From the initiation of the project the Define data dictionary system has been configured and enriched with Czech content consisting in data templates and properties.

The goal is to provide access to all Czech construction stakeholders to a public page allowing them to view and download structured construction information. In the next steps of the project, Czech construction expert teams will start working actively in Define to create more content and apply the auditing process guaranteeing trustworthy data approved by peers.

ČAS will enable seamless and transparent digital information flow across the Czech construction value chain and support the construction sector stakeholders in managing data requirements for built assets throughout their lifecycle.

“The collaboration includes different system integrations and implementation of the Czech Data Standard for Building Information Model (DSBIM) supported by the industry agreed Define data dictionary,” Jiří says.