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How to archive content in Define

You can now archive content in Define in case it’s old and you don’t want it to be used anymore, or it’s incorrect. You archive the whole content with all versions included.

You can archive all types of content. If you archive content that is already in use, it will remain as it is, but you’ll see an indication that it’s archived. It will not be usable in the future.

Only content administrators will be able to archive content.

As an example we will use Groups of properties:

Go to Groups of properties.

Choose the group you want to archive and open it.

Click on the three dots to the right and then on Archive.

A notification will pop up. Keep in mind that a content can’t be restored after it’s archived. You will need to agree with the results of archiving and then click on Archive.

The status of the group of properties will be changed to Archived.