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Creating a Measure

We advise you to choose the measure for your property from the ones already provided by Cobuilder. If you do not find the measure you are after in the Measures list, you can contact us at support@cobuilder.no or create one yourself.

Go to Measures from the menu to the left.

Search for the measure you are after and click Enter.

If you do not find the measure, click on Create measure.

In the next pane, write its name and definition (for definition just write N.A., because in the future this field will be removed from the system).

You can also add short names, user definitions and examples but it is not mandatory.

Switch to the next tab – Attributes.

Add the Domain – based on that the proper authority will review your measure upon submitting it. Proceed with Data type – you can select it from the dropdown menu.

Switch to the next tab – Units.

Click on the Add unit button.

In the next pane, search for the unit that your measure can be measured.

Select one or multiple units from the list and click Add.

When you are ready, click on Send for approval.

You can also save it for later by clicking on Save draft.