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Construction Products Key Environmental Indicators

The construction industry is one of the largest consumers of energy and raw materials in the world and is a major source of pollution. What has been of particular interest lately is the indirect environmental impact of construction products. However, to make well-informed decisions about what we want to include in our buildings, we first need to find a common way to collect and evaluate the environmental data of those construction products.

This white paper draws your attention to the evaluation and analysis of the environmental performance of construction products. It offers an overview of different sustainability initiatives such as the European Green Deal, Level(s), Green Public Procurement, and explains how they relate to the assessment of products’ environmental performance.

Read this white paper to get ahead with the following key learnings:

  • Construction industry’s environmental impact
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) as sources of environmental information
  • Overview of sustainability initiatives and policies and a cross-reference to EPD usage:
    • European Green Deal
    • Level(S)
    • Green Public Procurement (GPP)
    • Green building certification schemes
    • Klimaplan Norway
  • A matrix showing EN 15804 indicators and their relevance to each of the discussed initiatives

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