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A Technical Approach to BIM Implementation for Governments and Organizations

The overall purpose of this document is to explore how digitalization can help us solve known challenges the construction industry is facing.

Pressing global issues, such as climate change, lack of labor resources, and the energy crisis have received a lot of public attention in the last few years. Yet, the construction industry’s climate impact and use of labor and energy resources remain significant while the rate of digitalization is very low.

The purpose of this document is to review the current state of the tools, standards and formats being used, and suggest how we can reach a higher level of information sharing by implementing tools and standards, which have been developed in recent years. This will to a large extent be by creating a common data dictionary which will be implemented in software tools supporting the digitalization of the construction industry.

Another document has been published that is aimed at explaining in plain language to policymakers and top managers the needed activities to develop and implement a successful digital strategy that ensures seamless information flow and collaboration. The documents supplement each other but can also be read independently of each other. Download the white white paper BIM Implementation Strategy for Governments and Large Organizations.

By downloading the white paper A Technical Approach to BIM Implementation for Governments and Organizations, you will learn about:

  • The need for digital transformation in construction
  • The importance of standardizing construction data and streamlining digital processes
  • Proposed solution
  • Practical examples of implementation

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