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Define Platform – Solutions and Services

The Define platform provides a set of innovative solutions and services for creating, managing, viewing, and sharing data dictionaries for the construction industry. Structuring construction data in a data dictionary according to the latest international standards, allows industry stakeholders to integrate it in their own organisations. This enables them to take substantial leaps towards streamlined data management, and ensure data interoperability and transparency. Most importantly, it can support construction actors in their efforts to prepare for complex environmental legislation and will help them face the challenges of transitioning to a circular economy.

The Define platform consists of the following solutions and services:

Define Authoring

Enables users to create, manage and share interconnected data dictionaries containing standardised data templates and properties.

By using Define Authoring you can create standardised data models to improve information sharing and decision-making internally as well as across projects and organisations. This is achieved by applying all relevant international BIM standards that are developed to address the need for better data quality and interoperability.

Construction object library and data templates allow you to standardize information and achieve digitalisation with a common digital language.

Define Data Dictionary Viewer

Allows construction industry stakeholders to view and download ready-to-use properties and data templates.

The Define Data Dictionary Viewer provides access to data dictionaries developed by Define workgroups and based on European and national standards as well as industry-agreed practices. Users can take advantage of country and industry-based content, to ensure compliance with regulatory and market requirements and to share their data across the construction value chain. The content in the data dictionaries can also be used as a starting point when developing customized data models to meet specific organizational needs.

Define API

Enables users to easily integrate trusted, standards-based data models within various internal and external digital solutions.

With the Define API construction industry stakeholders can implement properties and data templates in any system or BIM authoring tool to improve data interoperability and information flow.

The Define API provides a common machine- and human-readable digital language for any construction data software – such as 3D-object libraries, PIM and CDEs or BIM authoring tools.

Software vendors can take advantage of the API as part of their products and services to improve the data quality and information exchange towards their clients and users.

Define Community

Gives members the opportunity to discuss challenges and solutions to improve their work on future data management.

The Define Community consists of industry actors that share a common understanding and motivation for developing and implementing a standards-based machine-readable digital language for the global construction industry. In the community, members can exchange ideas, work on the latest industry innovations, and become an expert in construction data management based on standards.

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