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Why haven’t I received an invoice

If you have recently activated a license and haven’t received your first invoice yet, it’s possible that some of the information in the account is not correct or missing.

If you have an active license and have previously received invoices, but didn’t receive one for the last period, that means that some of the information has been changed. The system uses the same billing details you register at first if not told otherwise. In case of changed billing information such as company number (VAT), address, email, etc., please let us know so we can make the changes in our system.

You can make sure that we have the correct details by logging in to your account and checking the company details:

Please, make sure that the invoice email, the address, and the turnover are correct. If you notice any incorrect information, please make sure to fill in the correct one.

In case of further questions or difficulties, you are welcome to contact us at https://definehub.com/en/contact-support/