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Publishing Data Templates

NB! Only users with role Domain and Sharing Admin can publish Data Templates.

Open Data Templates from the menu on the left. Click on Publish Templates to activate Publishing Mode.

Choose the templates you would like to publish on your Public View Page by clicking on the checkbox on the left. Click Publish.

You will be asked to confirm your choice. Click Publish again.

NB! Once published, the templates cannot be unpublished.

Only the chosen version of the template is published. If you would like to publish older versions as well, open the template by clicking on its name.

Go to Versions, and then to the version you want to publish.

Click on the menu with the three dots and choose Publish. Again, you will be asked to confirm publishing the template.

You can also change your Public View settings, so that all new approved template versions are automatically published.

Go to the Admin content menu on the left and click on Public View. Activate the automatic publishing of Data Templates and save the changes.