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Creating a Construction object

Construction objects identify the object of interest you will further “describe” by connecting it to a Data Template.

Go to Construction objects from the menu to the left.

Click on Create construction object.

Start by filling in the name and definition of the Construction object.

There are a few rules which should be preferably followed when writing Technical definitions:

–          Avoid ambiguity
–          Avoid circular definitions, e.g. concrete wall – wall made of concrete

EXAMPLE: concrete wall – vertical or nearly vertical structural element, constructed of poured or precast concrete, that has partition function and transmits to its base the forces that are applied to it

You can also add short names, user definitions and examples but it is not mandatory.

A Short name is normally an abbreviation which is shortening the Full name and is something widely used and recognized in the industry.

EXAMPLE: expanded polystyrene (EPS)

A User definition is an additional definition that is meant to simplify the Technical definition. As Technical definitions are normally based on standards, they tend to end up too comprehensive, so a more simplified one is possible in this field.

Filling in all the above in English is mandatory. All other translations are optional.

Switch to the next tab – Attributes.

Add the Domain – based on that the proper authority will review your Construction object upon submitting it.

In the References tab you can select the references you used to define the Construction object. Click on Add reference.

Search for the relevant reference, select it and click Add.

Now you are ready to submit your Construction object for approval.