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About Data Dictionaries

To help organisations make their machine-readable and standardised data available to all users, we have provided the option of releasing data dictionaries with ready-to-use content. They enable construction stakeholders to start using a common language which allows all users to get the same information in an industry-agreed and structured format.

These data dictionaries are developed either on a national level to cover the needs of a specific market, or they are established by industry organisations and other construction actors to improve the information exchange within a sector. Such is the case with the data dictionary of the European Woodworking Industry (read the case study).

In this section, you can find the data dictionaries that have been published so far, either by national and industry associations (Molio, CAS, CEI-Bois), or by the Define community using digitised standards from national standardisation bodies (Standards Norway, British Standards Institute). Take a look.

UK Data Dictionary

Norwegian Data Dictionary

Using the published data templates in practice

By getting access to ready-to-use data templates, construction industry stakeholders from across the value chain, can apply them in their own organisations, taking substantial leaps towards standards-based management of their data, thus ensuring interoperability and repeatability. By implementing a standardised data structure, your data can be shared and reused everywhere.

The data templates of the construction products are available for viewing after initial registration. If you would like to purchase the templates for professional use, please follow the step-by-step guide.

Define workgroups

For the development of data templates on a national or organisational level, workgroups have been established within the Define community. Their tasks include taking national or organisational needs and regulations into account when developing data templates.

Currently, workgroups are being established by industry actors in Norway and UK to continue the work on the data dictionaries. In Denmark this work is driven by Molio, in The Czech Republic by CAS, and by CEI-Bois for the European woodworking industry.

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